Seiwa Tokonole – Edge Burnishing – Finishing Leathercraft Tragacanth Gum, Black


Seiwa Tokonole – Edge Burnishing – Finishing Leathercraft Tragacanth Gum

This is burnishing gum with a black stain to lightly dye the edge while you burnish.

Loved by leather workers across the globe Tokonole is a non-toxic burnishing gum created from a blend of natural waxes. Used appropriately it smooths the flesh side of leather and unfinished edges to create a smooth, flexible and professional finish.

A small amount of Tokonole goes a long way and it is incredibly easy to work with. There is no unpleasant odour and once applied it dries quickly to bind leather fibres together.

Tokonole is a non-toxic water-based burnishing agent, used and loved by many leathercrafters across the world. Developed and manufactured by Seiwa Tokonole is often referred to as the premier edge burnishing product.

Tokonole acts as a replacement to traditional water burnishing by reducing the heat generated. This, in turn, helps you maintain a more natural edge by preventing discoloration and edge burn. Combine this with the correct technique and you will have an edge to be proud of.

Along with edge burnishing, Tokonole gum can also be used to smooth the flesh side of your leather giving your piece a smooth and professional look.

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