We love helping other small businesses design and make bespoke leather goods for their businesses. That’s why we offer all types of leather –  from small bespoke cut leather panels to multiple hides. We know that all our customers have different requirements from the type of leather they are looking for and the size of piece that they need.

 In our shop you will see many different sizes, thickness, colours of leather panels, but if you can’t see what you’re looking for then just give us a call, we can help!

 In addition to leather panels and hides we also sell bespoke die cut shapes and stamps including –

  • Dog Tags
  • Bag Tags
  • Leather Shapes e.g dogs, cupcakes, ovals, buttons etc
  • Bag Straps
  • Belt strap rounded ends
  • and many more! 

 These can be perfect for adding a little extra to your piece and can be embossed with your branding!  We can produce any shape that you want bespoke to your requirements, we will make a pattern and a cutter then cut the shapes using the leather of your choice. Once the pieces are cut we can emboss with your chosen branding. 

What’s more if you want to cut and emboss the pieces yourself, we can supply you with the leather panels, a bespoke pattern and cutter! 

Check out our video where you can see us using our hot embossing machine.
We make a stamp to your bespoke design and then hot stamp this onto the leather panels or shapes that you want producing a high quality, very professional and branded finish to your goods.
If you would like talk to us about any of you bespoke requirements for leather shapes and straps, embossing  and cutters we’d be happy to help!
Please do feel free to give us a call on +44 01273 514441or email sales@leather4craft.co.uk if you’d like any more information.