Is Horween the world’s best leather?

As you all know, we love leather - it’s pretty obvious! But one of our favourites is our range of Horween Leather. You could in fact argue that Horween leather is the world’s best leather! Horween Leather is named after the tannery where it is produced-...

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What is Suede Leather?

What is suede? The term ‘suede’ originates from France, where the phrase ‘gants de Suede’ – roughly translating to ‘gloves from Sweden’ – was used to refer to a specific type of very soft gloves which were imported from Sweden. Eventually the phrase began...

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All About Premium Pull Up Leather

Pull Up Leather is one of the most popular leathers that we offer mainly due to it’s high quality and beautiful natural appearance. Pull Up leather is an oil and wax rich leather that is completely natural, unaltered and rugged yet soft and supple to the...

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5 Creative Leather Craft Projects

Here at Leather 4 Craft we love to find new and creative ways to use some of the beautiful leathers that we have in stock. Leather craft doesn’t have to be difficult, with a little imagination you can create some of the trending styles for yourself at a...

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New Ranges Coming Soon!

We're very excited at Leather4Craft as we've just taken delivery of some very special new Leather. With lots of different textures and colours available we're sure that you'll find something interesting to use for your next Leather Project. There are all...

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Exciting New Services for our Customers!

Since Leather4craft started our goal has been to work with other small businesses to help them build the bespoke leather goods they can sell. This is why we offer all types of leather from small bespoke cut leather panels to multiple hides. What we have...

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The World of Book-Binding

One of our regular customers, Martin Feinstein, is a skilled book binder. He restores the covers on books that can be well over 100 years old and the pictures here show the fantastic work that he does with our leather. If you are interested in having any...

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Our New Vintage Collection & More

This week at Leather4Craft we have been very excited to start working with our new Vintage Collection. These premium double butt hides are carefully selected, and only the best double A grades are used for the production of these hides. The leather has a...

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Our First Blog!

Welcome to Leather 4 Craft and our first behind the scenes blog post! We will aim to give you an insight into how we have come to be where we are today, why we do what we do, why we LOVE what we do and our exciting plans for the future! After having been in business...

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