One of our regular customers, Martin Feinstein, is a skilled book binder. He restores the covers on books that can be well over 100 years old and the pictures here show the fantastic work that he does with our leather.

If you are interested in having any work done by Martin you can email him at:

We also supply the foils that are used for embossing the letters on the spines of these amazing books. If you want to have a try at book binding yourself then we supply small to medium sized panels of goatskin which is the ideal to material to use for this. We also have many different shades of linen thread that can be used to hand-stitch your own inserts into your journals.

There’s no wrong way to learn and in some cases the best thing to do is to pick up your materials and have a go!

If you’re interested in learning more about book-binding, Mandy’s workshops in Devon are an amazing place to start and use a lot of our leather, you can find them on facebook @learnbookbinding as well as their website

We hope you have enjoyed our blogs so far, please do send any enquiries or questions you may have over to us at and we will happily help you out!