Welcome to Leather 4 Craft and our first behind the scenes blog post! We will aim to give you an insight into how we have come to be where we are today, why we do what we do, why we LOVE what we do and our exciting plans for the future!

After having been in business for over 40 years and working with leather, we decided 5 years ago to set up our eBay shop which has grown massively from when we first started and has lead onto the web shop that you are now visiting! The eBay shop started in Stephen’s living room and grew rapidly, moving into our first premises within 18 months. Not only does Stephen’s daughter work with me but also his son-in-law has come on board as well, keeping this is a family run company.

Our first items were various sized off cuts which people started buying for their craft projects. We then branched out into journal notebooks following multiple requests for custom sized leather from a handful of regular customers. This then expanded into our range of leathers with COUNTRY SOFT being one of our top selling lines with 22 different colours and has become the favourite of many of our regulars.

Continuing to expand our range of different types of leathers, with the world renowned HORWEEN being another top selling line. We have worked with many of our regular customers to help them expand their business by offering many unique, bespoke services such as having special cutters made for regular component parts, embossing and tooling with specially made stamps.

We are always happy to take any enquiries and offer you our advice on leathers to use for your projects.
We are going to be blogging regularly and hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Leather4Craft!

Please feel free to send us over any questions you may have regarding leather, journaling, book binding or crafting as we will be doing a Top 10 Q&A over the next few weeks!